Olympia Game Hatcheries

Specialist Supplier Of Day Old Pheasant & Partridge Game Bird Chicks
18 Years Of Game Production

Olympia Hatcheries
4 Olympia Farm Cottages
Peterborough Road
Near Crowland
tel: 01733 211457   mob: 07771 528706

Based in Peterborough (Lincolnshire & Cambridgeshire), Olympia Game Hatcheries is a family run business specialising in quality Pheasant and Partridge day old game bird production.

Our day old Partridge and Pheasant chicks have proven to be extremely hardy birds with minimal mortality rates and this is confirmed by our large database of returning customers.

We pride ourselves in supplying top quality disease free game bird chicks that helps to ensure that you as the breeder will benefit financially.

Our breeding stock are hatched from our own disease free stock eggs and the chicks are reared in covered spacious breeding pens where a strict hygiene protocol regime is in place. Disease control is paramount within our company and regular worming and veterinary inspections are carried out.

Partridge Stock Birds For Egg Laying

Common Ring Neck Pheasant (Cock)

The partridge laying units are off the ground which prevents the birds from contracting many diseases and also protects them from virmin and raptors. Drug free food is administered to our birds.

Regular egg collections are made twice daily and as the eggs laid are off the floor, contamination is non existent. We have a state of the art egg washing and sanitization plant where our eggs are washed and then stored in an optimum humidity/temperature environment before setting.